Win customers through data insights

Understand where and why your product performs best at the point of sale and beyond in near-real-time. Automatically build advanced segmentations. Drill down by location, category, or segment. Track consumer interactions and spending habits. Test your hypotheses through messaging, interactive experiences, and personalization.

What’s included:

Set a conversion goal and track customer journey from physical to online. Measure, analyze, and optimize.
Automatically build advanced consumer segmentations based on first-party data.
Track user engagement across different cities, regions, and countries to optimize your campaigns.
Track user engagement across different cities, regions, and countries to optimize your campaigns.
Track engagements live, and use that data to analyze and optimize your campaigns.

Analyze and learn

Go from think to know

Collect accurate, comprehensive data

Get accurate first-part customer and product data in real-time across various points of sales and post-purchase touchpoints.

Monitor behaviors and set conversion goals

Monitor product performance with clear visibility into consumer behavior in near real-time, and set conversion goals.

Take action

Test your hypotheses through messaging, interactive experiences and personalization.

Pros and Cons of interactivity options

Establish a live communication channel

Connect and interact directly with your consumers,and vice-versa (e.g. create a talkback). Run campaigns and send messages (based on data knowledge) at any point of the consumer journey, including post-purchase.

Understand general trends

Look at the data, define business metrics, and see how they trend over time. Perhaps you want to see which product performs best at which point of sale? Or which type of campaign shoppers interact with most? Identify all the patterns that matter to your business and get the results almost instantaneously.

Drill down to customer profiling

Easily sift through terabytes of data to analyze additional attributes related to consumers and establish understanding about different geographies, demographic and psychographic characteristics as well as various buying habits.

Gain insights

Generate automated and accurate analytics reports to enable non-technical decision makers to understand all metrics across the board and accelerate your campaigns performance.

Test and optimize

Create a set of different campaigns, compare over time and funnel the consumers to the best performing campaigns. Run A/B tests to see what resonates best

‘’Exceed your customer's expectations.
If you do, they'll come back over and over. Give them what they want - and a little more.’’

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