Interactive experiences for your products in minutes.

Activate and engage customers with targeted interactive experiences, pre, during and post-purchase.

What’s included:

Set up QR, NFC or AR campaigns quickly and efficiently. Set up your campaign goals and immediate engagement.
Rapidly create AR experiences and mini-apps. Assign them to your connected packaging and publish.
Choose between different themes and experience types, add your branding and send it to the cloud. Mix any types of connective technologies.
Create, assign and tailor digital content to design unique product experiences. Modified campaigns at any time with ease. Re-assign campaigns to various connected packaging types with one click.

Amplify sales

Engage customers in real-time

Help shoppers find the right product

Give shoppers contextual information that helps them to make the right purchase decisions.

Tailor digital experience

Use augmented reality experiences, lotteries, and gamification options to make the shoppers have fun and feel special.

Build more loyalty purchase

Keep up the personal dialog and give your customers reason to re-engage, and repurchase replenish products.

Sample campaigns

Rewards and Discounts

Customer loyalty rewards act as a barrier to brand-switching. That’s why Smart Connect keeps rewards and loyalty top of mind, and lets brands trigger a connection to span the customer lifetime. Activating your product through Smart Connect campaigns paves the way for better customer retention.

For example, you can offer your consumers an incentive by offering discounts or early product access. Sometimes “Be the first to have!” is all your consumers want to hear.


Take control by teaching your consumers with the real experts. This can act as a counter-balance to online influencers who can paint a wrong image about your products. Further, by incentivizing your consumers to interact with your products and learn more about how to use them, you can create a stronger bond and drive purchases.

Coupons and Gifts

Think about creating a strong incentive for your consumers. Strong incentives will lead to high engagement levels that will further increase a campaign’s ROI. There are very few of your customers that would not spend 15 seconds to scan and share their data to get a prize opportunity.

Re-purchase / one-click buy

You can easily enable your consumers to use your physical-to-digital channel re-purchase new products. It is as easy as scanning the packaging, and clicking “Buy” on your web store page.

Customer service / scan & chat

Get customer service call button on your products. Enable a real dialogue and improve consumer overall satisfaction.


Think about more elaborate games for your customers. Create levels and avatar systems, allow your consumers to win small prizes on completing levels while simultaneously advertising your new products. Prizes can range from digital prizes to physical prizes, new samples, etc.

Come back to store

This campaign template is crafted for retail store chains. You want your customers to continue shopping in your chain, and not re-purchase products online or in other stores. Smart Connect offers you an opportunity to create incentivized games for your consumers where they would get discounts, gifts to early access by returning to shop at your stores.

‘’Exceed your customer's expectations.
If you do, they'll come back over and over. Give them what they want - and a little more.’’

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