The Smart Connect Platform

Connective Technologies, NFC, QR. Augmented Reality. Cloud Computing. A powerful analytics framework driven by the first-party data. Targeted advertising campaigns builder. Friendly UX. Smart Connect puts all these concepts together in a unified, full-stack platform.

What can you do with Smart Connect platform?

State-of-the-art technologies at
the core of Smart Connect

Augmented Reality

Rapidly create AR experiences and mini-apps to drive consumer engagement. It is as easy as: Uploading an activation target design such as packaging, flyers, booklets etc. Adding your content and CTAs in 3D layers and publishing experiences in the cloud to make them viewable by your customers.

Data Science

Smart Connect advanced data discovery tools enable you to quickly find correlations and identify trends from the wealth of consumer engagement data. Smart Connect provides easy to deploy consumer engagement analytics SDK's and trackers. Integrate Smart Connect Analytics SDK's into your mobile appls and add our website trackers to over a complete real 2 digital consumer pathway.


NFC chips take the form of a contactless bridge between your physical products and cloud content, offering engaging CTAs. Smart Connect enables you to order and manage large volumes of NFC tags, rapidly create campaigns, generate A/B tests, and analyze and tune for best results.


Smart Connect offer programmable QR code creation for large volume product tagging. Facilitate consumer communication with your physical products, create and change your campaigns on the fly, assign different campaign themes depending on time and geo-location, and achieve personalized brand-consumer communication.

Mobile and web consumer engagement analytics tools

Smart Connect provides easy-to-deploy consumer engagement analytics, SDKs, and trackers. Integrate them into your mobile apps and add our website trackers to cover the complete customer journey.

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